Friday, August 28, 2009


This monotype is reminiscent of wire mobiles floating freely in the air

Natures Cycles

A monotype inspired by the natural world. I'm particularly drawn to the subtle warm colors achieved with transparent inks.


This monotype has been entered in a print show in Port Townsend, WA. The layers represent the unfolding and revealing processes of life.

Light Behind the Light

This monotype is a minimal approach to composition. I'm trying to focus on the light and see how little content a piece needs to be complete.

Endless Love

This is a piece inspired by John Wimberley's class.


I have returned to printmaking after many years. I am exploring the versatility of monotypes. I took a wonderful class from Wendy Orville, noted printmaker and artist. Her studio and website are called Ink Garden. She and the class were very helpful in stimulating my creative juices again. I will be showing at Roby-King Gallery, on Bainbridge Island in Washington, this October. Here are some examples.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Voice America Interview

I had a delightful time today giving an interview to Dr. Patrick Donovan and Dr. Herb Joiner-Bey,
hosts of Pair-A-Docs.
These wonderful doctors from Seattle, host a weekly talk show on Voice America. Today we discussed how creativity heals and what it means to live a creative life.

You can hear the broadcast by going to click on Pair-a-Docs and archive Pam Christiansen. (Be patient in the first part, a little telephone difficulty)

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Inspiring Workshop

I attended a very inspiring workshop last weekend. It was facilitated by internationally renown photographer, John Wimberley. John focused on the creative process, what he calls the light behind the light. It is the energetic spark just as creation is manifested. He has set up a series of exercises for the participates to experience a gentler, more profound approach to photography and any other art making. I am now in the process of creating a monotype based on my experiences of the weekend (which I'll share later). You can find out more about John at

Friday, August 7, 2009

Awakening the Goddess, collage

Awakening the Goddess was inspired by Celtic folklore. There are hidden figures throughout the piece. Have fun finding them.

Boy Fishing, collage

Boy Fishing was a delight to do. I based it on old drawings of my children when they were young.

World Wide Web, gouache

World Wide Web was inspired by the idea that when opposites come together, the result is greater than both components.

Sun, gouache

Sun is a favorite of mine because of the fractal feel of the piece. I love the idea of portraying shine, reflection and ambiguity in two dimensional art work.

Fruits of Love and Majestic Monarch, gouache

Fruits of Love and Majestic Monarch were used on a label for Victor Alexander Winery on Bainbridge Island.

Sacred Forest, collage

Sacred Forest is a collage inspired by a lovely weekend in the Olympic Rain Forest. I air brushed the papers I cut up to create the misty, sensual forms of the forest.

Shaman, collage

Shaman is reminiscent of the Native Society that is a vital part of this North West culture and heritage. I used gold leaf to depict the earth and otherworldly aspects of the universal healers.

Turtle, collage

Turtle is a symbol I often use. The turtle represents the ability to be at home on land or in the water. Water of is related to emotions and land to the physical, practical aspect of life. The balancing of both is what I strive for. In this piece I have incorporated gold leaf to add to the underwater shimmer.

Island, collage

Island shows the major influence of the surrounding water. From these gardens, you could see Seattle, Mount Rainer and the Cascades. A very inspiring place to live and work.

Summer Breeze, collage

Summer Breeze is another in this series that was inspired by the magical environment of the island I live on. The combination of sun filtering through clean, slightly moist air is irresistible.

For Ruben, collage

This is a series of collages I did from 2004-2006. I loved putting various textures together, but until I read Jonathon Talbot's book on non-adhesive collage, I felt limited in the about of detail I could include in each piece.

For Ruben
was in honor of a very hard working, inspiring man who helped transform an overgrown, north west wet property into a lovely sanctuary.